SousVideTools® VS520P Vacumeer machine

The SousVideTools® VS520P Vacuum Sealer allows for up to 100 bag seals in a row. Other vacuum sealers on the market require a 40 second break between bag seals, to allow the seal element to cool! It also have an easy lock handle, that was designed so no pressure is required to close the lid and lock a bag into position ready for vacuum sealing. With a gentle push the easy lock handle clips the lid closed and vacuuming can begin.

The SousVideTools® VS520P Vacuum Sealer is a professional vacuum sealing system with an automatic cycle and a pulse vacuum for manual control to preserve fragile and delicate food. The double pump means the sealer has a much larger suction capacity for larger quantities of food. The hygienic roll-holder compartment with protection cover features a built-in bag cutter that cuts in both directions. The sealer can be stored vertically for space-saving storage.

SousVideTools® VS520P Vacuum Sealer is designed to be used at home, as well as in cafes, restaurants, schools, for Sous Vide cooking, vacuum sealing your food for camping and hiking trips, take it on fishing trips to store your fresh fish, it’s perfect for farmers who grow their own produce and need to vacuum seal harvested meats. The SousVideTools® VS520P Vacuum Sealer has been designed to take on any vacuum sealing job, both big & small.

The vacuum sealing food packaging system, is a smart way to store a wide variety of foods. It accomplishes this by extracting air and moisture from a specially designed bag to create a commercial quality vacuum. Conventional food storage methods such as plastic wrap and containers actually trap air inside with food. But the SousVideTools® VS520P Vacuum Sealer allows you to remove the air from bags and seal them airtight. This proven technology extends food freshness for up to 5 times longer than conventional storage methods.

*Please note, this type of vacuum sealer requires the use of embossed bags/pouches/rolls.


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